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Scott Kuegler


Scott started life behind bars with floral board shorts and bars way to big...... not much has changed.

He rode for NZ as a mountain biker and road cyclist (the dark years) and now spends most of his time riding with his 3 x young boys who out jump him and generally put him to shame.

A lover of wheels, IPA's and good tucker, Scott is also full of general chat, as some say, "he knows everything about nothing and nothing about everything!"

Nicole Mcaulay

Nicole threw in the towel on a government science career in 2018 to ride bikes and be happy. She casually dabbles in racing and works at a bike park but mostly enjoys mountain biking and getting others riding with confidence and finesse. Expect obscure forest facts and serious fun on any ride with her.

Stu Lill

Stu joined the team in 2014 after years travelling and guiding in Canada & Europe. After growing up in the UK, he embarked on a "gap year" in Canada, exploring, riding & guiding and quickly realised this was a pretty good lifestyle! Chasing the summer and endless singletrack brought him to New Zealand where he's chosen to stay (must say something about the NZ riding).

Rod Bardsely

 If it's not about mountain bikes and trails then Rod isn't interested. From his younger days of racing In the New Zealand Downhill team to talking smack on his MTB website 


Rod works as a mtb guide, mechanic, riding instructor and mtb journalist. He loves showing people a great time and is super proud of what NZ has to offer you guys and can't wait to get you shredding