We get visitors from far and wide visiting to experience our mountain bike tours. Some old, some young, some who've been riding for 1 year, some who've been riding for 20. But the one commonality that everyone who visits us for MTB tours has, is that they've been riding previously in a different country. Fundamentally this means a different set of trails, conditions and grading levels.

A big part of running successful mountain bike tours is grouping the right people together. Riding with like-minded people, and those of a similar ability level not only improves your experience but will also push your riding and skill levels to improve. And so to help us plan the tour groups, we ask you to assess your riding, after all no one else knows you better than you.


Our guide to MTB trail grading below is intended only as a guide, to show you what our trails look like to help you better assess your riding level. The most important aspect when self-assessing is being realistic - nothing will ruin your confidence more than riding a trail and coming across features you're not comfortable with or confident on. After all, you've joined our mountain bike tours to have fun and it's our job to make that happen - but we need just a little help to understand your riding first.


GRADE 3. Intermediate

Steep slopes, some avoidable obstacles on a mix of wide & narrower singletracks with poor traction in places


GRADE 4. Advanced

Narrow tracks, poor traction and difficult obstacles to avoid and jump over (ie. rocks roots etc). May be some exposure on the tracks outside edge.

GRADE 5. Expert

Narrow, technically challenging trails with potential exposure at the outside edge, sharp corners, drop offs and difficult obstacles.