When you get a blank canvas to craft the ultimate NZ Mountain Bike Ride with you mates....... this i

What do you do when you have 8 best mates and a blank canvas to craft the ultimate NZ MTB escape? Well, I did and we went down south! Combine bikes, food, beer and wine with some truly good mates. Smile and laughs and an aching jaw!

Kick off Craigieburn, bike hike 700m vertical then ride one of the best alpine dh tracks in the world, thanks to local Ritchie Goldsbury.

Then to Naseby, an amazing old gold mining town unchanged from the 1800's and then an epic forest ride with Kila, another local legend.

Day 4, off to Alexandra, now this was outrageous, with some scary rock drops and the only double black diamond trail sanctioned in NZ. Thanks to Phil for showing us around.

Finally, 3 x days in Queentown, heli biking, gondola and pedals, all having their place in a trip that was truly world class!