justmtb decide after riding so many different brands of bikes to partner with Trek. We love the Fuel

Hey, don't get us wrong, there are loads of amazing bikes out there, but Trek just hit the nail on the head for performance, innovation, reliability and fun factor.

We have been riding the Fuel EX 9.9 29er for a season of guiding and not a thing went wrong, we didn't even replace a chain! It was all good times. We increased front fork travel from 135 to 150mm and the bike is a trail weapon. Fast, light and super capable. And it looks good too.

As our season came to an end and we are all taking a break we decided to run a selection of Trek Slash 9.8 enduro machines. Scott the owner has been on his down in Wanaka for the last month riding in snow and ice when not up the ski field. Theres nothing but smiles and rave reviews, standby for a full in depth bike review in spring on the green machine. Also he will review his new Flite Carbon wheels, the worlds best wheel by far and the addition of a Fox X2 shock, buttery smooth.

If you want to talk with us about Trek, just email scott@justmtb.co.nz and we can mail, Skype of Zoom anytime