Ride New Zealand Like A Local

A trip to a new country can seem daunting - with the constant fear or missing out on something amazing. If only you had the local knowledge so you didn't miss out on all the best bits. Luckily there's people like us ready to show you and share our favourite bits of New Zealand learned through many years of riding and living here.

You can enjoy trails where you'll see no one all day long - sounds too good right?

Pick The Best Trails To Ride

You're on holiday so your time is limited. Sure, if you had 6 months you could bumble your way around and ride all the New Zealand mountain bike trails - finding the best and the worst on your journey. But for those who have only a few days or maybe to enjoy New Zealand, it's important to make every single trail count!

With your suggestions & feedback on the trails you want to ride, our guides will tailor your experience so you maximise every minute of riding time to get you grinning ear to ear. Our aim is to show you the best of New Zealand's singletrack - and this means riding the only the best trails - no fillers, just amazing trail after amazing trail after amazing trail. Our highly experienced guides have spent years exploring the country and know all best tracks, secret trails and shortcuts so you don't have to. Want to ride something specific on your mountain bike tour? Just say and they'll try and make it happen!

Escape The Tourist Trails

We've spent years riding in New Zealand - and we've seen mountain biking get more and more popular every year. During peak times of year some of the trail systems can get quite busy, and this is the time to escape and ride something a little quieter. Fancy riding your own private trail where you're not likely to see another rider - our guides and their superb local area knowledge will make it happen. They'll get you away from the crowds so you're not waiting in a lift queue for hours or jostling for position at the trail head, but riding pristine singletrack instead.

Relax Post Ride

What's your ideal finish to a ride? Relaxing in natural geothermal hotpools with a beer, swimming in a crystal clear lake or watching the sunset over the beach with a BBQ? Whatever it is, it's highly likely our guides have been there and tried it already, so can show you the best locations.

Beat The Weather

No one likes riding in the never ending rain (well people say they do). Knowing the local weather systems is key in a small country like New Zealand. Where to ride in the rain and where not to, which trails dry quickest, which areas are most protected from storms & cold and won't leave you soaked and miserable. It's all information gained over years of riding & studying weather maps and the reason we make our tours flexible; so you do make the best of what the weather gods bring.

Roadtrip Stops

Between riding locations we've earmarked a few less well known "must see's" too. From climbing giant limestone boulder fields to walking through gold mining tunnels, climbing (or riding) a volcanic cone to enjoying crystal clear lakes with snowcapped mountains. It's all about seeing stunning New Zealand at it's best.

Not a bad view en-route to the trail

Eat The Local Food

It's important to power up between rides, and while you're here you might as well check out the local food. As two small mountainous islands, New Zealand's cuisine takes inspiration from surroundings - the mountains and the sea. There are a few classic quintessential New Zealand dishes that you should try whilst here and our local guides know all the best places to enjoy them;

Hangi - a traditional Maori meal of cooked meats and vegetables cooked underground by hot stones.

Lamb - New Zealand's lamb is world famous, chances are you've seen it in your local supermarket. Now's your chance to try the freshest locally reared lamb whilst dining on a working sheep station

Venison - vension is a big deal in NZ. There's plenty of quality locally reared venison across both islands and a certain few chefs who know how to cook it just right. If you're into steaks - this might just the best one you'll ever have

Whitebait Fritters - a seafood treat quite unique to New Zealand. Once that you'll have to try if by the coast

Mussels & Oysters - a classic seafood staple, and one that you can find fresh all over New Zealand on a daily basis.

Fish & Chips - likely one of the most commons "take out" meals in New Zealand. Cheap & extremely fresh, it'll change your preconceptions on what it ought to be

Stay In The Right Places

Accommodation almost at the trail head might seem a great idea but in reality doesn't often live up to expectations. You need a comfortable place to sleep and some great scenery to enjoy with breakfast & dinner.

Luckily we know the mountain biking areas exceptionally well and have found the best mix of accommodation close to the trails that's perfect for the job. High mountain lodge - check, house with ocean views - check, mountain top hut - check, lakeside house - check. Yes, some may take a few minutes to get to the trails from, but you won't be complaining whilst drinking a beer in these idyllic spots at the end of the day.