MTB Tour Kit - Our Favourite Bits & Pieces

What are the things you'd always take on a ride? One of our New Zealand mountain bike tour guides share their selection of favourite tools to carry with them on a ride

There are some things we take everywhere, phone, house keys & wallets form the basis of the list for most people. For our mountain bike tour guide Stu it's no different - he has a definitive list of kit he religiously takes on a ride, whether it be a one hour sprint in the local forest, or a backcountry epic.

Crank Brothers Multi Tool

This thing goes everywhere with me - it's been across 3 continents, 8 countries, done 9 seasons guiding and fixed thousands of problems. It's starting to show it's age, but this thing has taken multiple lifetimes of abuse. It's got everything you could possibly need to fix a bike trail side, all the hex keys, t25 key, multiple sizes of flat and crosshead screwdriver, chain tool, spoke wrench & spanner.

Home Made Tyre Boot

Your eyes do not deceive you. This was previously a toothpaste tube. However with a little cutting & shaping it turns into a great tyre boot for emergencies. Pop it in the tyre between the sidewall and the inner tube, and save yourself a long walk home. I once wanted to see how far I could push it after putting an inch slash in a tyre sidewall, 4 weeks later we were still going strong

Box Of Bits

Nothing ruins a ride more than a mechanical. With a few basic bits and pieces, most problems can be easily fixed, whether it be a lost bolt, snapped chain or a moving part decided to rub. The contents of the box differs over time but the important part is to have a broad mix of bits and pieces to make repairs with. My favourite part? Park Super Patches - an absolute life saver on so many occasions, whether it's for their intended use of repairing tubes or holding a split cable outer together.

The Leatherman

Better than a swiss army knife, it's saved my group on multiple occasions. From removing broken spokes, cutting away cables and zip ties, to tightening rounded bolts and even cutting the cheese for lunch. The trusty Leatherman always sits in my bag ready for an adventure.

Pedros Tyre Levers

Possibly the cutting edge in tyre lever design. I've broken almost every other brand I've used fitting & removing tight tubeless tyre combinations. And while this may be the second set I've moved onto, the first ones lasted 5 years. An overlooked item that will make your life 100% more enjoyable when you're sitting on a mountain top changing a tyre with 10 eagerly watching customers.

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