We Question Our Mountain Bike Guides: Why Do You Ride?

It's a broad question - "why do we/you/I ride?" An open question with a million possible answers, however everyone we ask seems to answer in one of a handful ways. We put it to one of our mountain bike tour guides - why do you ride?

Adventure. I love the adventure, the places it takes me and the things I see. Getting away from cities, people and stress, to the silence and serenity of nature where nothing seems to matter. You can have the pressures of the world on your shoulders, but riding through beautiful landscapes in remote areas seems to wipe it from our memories - a natural stress reliever almost.

One of the best things about our guided mountain bike tours for JustMTB is being able to share those adventures. I get to ride in some amazing parts of New Zealand that many New Zealanders haven't heard of let alone been to, so I feel especially lucky to be able to share these secrets with our guests. From the epic old growth rainforests of North Island dominated by giant ferns and ancient trees to remote and baron mountain tops near Queenstown.

Each adventure is different, has different characteristics and provides a different buzz for me, my personal favourite at the moment is the Old Ghost Road. 85km of singletrack that threads through a variety of terrain, from temperate rainforest to open rocky alpine ridgelines, and old ancient forests to bridges snaking through a series of chasms and gorges. It's an adventure of a lifetime, especially staying in the mountain top hut overnight.

Overnight hut on a clifftop overlooking the wilderness of New Zealand - ticks our boxes

Old Ghost Road - Credit West Coast Film

One of my long time favourites has been the wilderness riding in North Island. Everyone knows about Rotorua, our secret is out there, but there's so many trails which are even better just outside of here. With less rider traffic, the mountain bike trails are in infinitely better condition and the forest has much more wildlife to see. I love the giant ferns and ancient trees covered in moss & epiphytes that line these trails.

North Island - Just over an hour from town, but a million miles from the urban streets

A North Island adventure through the jungle of ferns and lush forest

And my favourite thing about adventure? There's always a new one to be had. That's why I find myself on the road for much of the year exploring and testing out new adventures for you to ride on our New Zealand mountain bike tours. Always looking for something new and exciting for both our new and returning guests.

If you'd like anymore information on adventures that feature on our mountain bike tours, please contact us.