What's Included On Our New Zealand MTB Tours

In life you get what you pay for. We've all been there & made the mistake, bought cheap and subsequently bought twice. There's a lesson to be learnt here - if you're already investing in a product, service or even MTB tour, don't cut corners, don't buy cheap. You've worked all year long to save for a dream break away from reality, to see some of the world and have a great mountain biking & travelling experience. So let's make it happen for you!

We don't cut corners in the quality of our New Zealand MTB tours. We give you the best because you deserve it - from your bed for the night to travel in our premium vehicles, secure covered trailers to the best restaurants & mountain bike guides. It's all been carefully planned out and tested by us to ensure a premium experience.

Unlike some of our competitors who use small & cramped budget vehicles, dormitory style & hostel accommodation, and whose guides don't actually ride with you, we believe that the sum of small parts make an exponentially greater experience. We pride ourselves on providing the sort of experience we'd personally like to have on an MTB tour.


Because we do so much riding on our tours, we value rest and relaxation time. No one has ever slept well in a dormitory style room, so we don't provide them. You deserve a good nights sleep after riding anything between 25 & 50kms a day, so we ensure a good nights sleep with a maximum of two people per room in either a twin share or double room.

More than just a place to sleep, our accommodation is a place to relax and socialise with the rest of the group. Our large private houses provide a great location to enjoy a beer and unwind whilst overlooking the lake, mountains or sea.

Breakfasts & Lunches

We provide your breakfasts & lunches everyday. It just makes the day a little easier for both you and us knowing you've got access to great food and you're fuelled up and ready for the day. As we're often out riding for the whole day, we provide a packed lunch to take with you for the ride. This means you can concentrate on waking up slowly (you're on holiday), drinking some fresh coffee, getting your riding kit on and mentally preparing for an epic day out.


We provide a number of dinners throughout the MTB tour. Some nights after a long day riding you really don't want to eat out, a home cooked BBQ, beers and a nap in the sunset seem like bliss. On the remaining nights we'll head into town, allowing you to see the bright lights & culture, and taste some traditional New Zealand dishes.


The nature of a tour is that it requires some travel - and while we've minimized the travel in order to maximize your riding time, it's a necessary requirement. Since we must travel, let's do it comfortably. We use large minibuses with plenty of room to stretch out, put your feet up and relax.

We know your bikes are expensive. We get that, because we ride too. There's nothing worse than leaving your bike on a trailer exposed to the elements overnight, or within sight of other people who may want it. So we use closed box trailers to keep your bikes safe, secure and out of the elements. We've custom built these specifically for our mountain bike tours in New Zealand, with a custom racking system to keep your bike secure and avoid them rattling and rubbing against others and causing damage. That's why we don't need a waiver on our website like some of our competitors to warn you of potential damage during transportation. We value your bikes, because we value you!

Airport Pick Up And Drop Off

We'll be there to pick you up at the airport & carry your bags to the trailer - it's as simple as that. If you fly in early to acclimatise we'll pick you up from your hotel. And come tour end we'll drop you at the airport, or at a local hotel if you're staying on to enjoy some more of New Zealand. Please note select 7 day trips may differ slightly, and we will advise this accordingly before booking.

Guiding & Small Group Size

All our guides are qualified (in both first aid and guiding) & extremely experienced. They're not just experienced at riding a bike though, they're experienced in leading groups. They've ridden all the trails, so will be able to take you to the ones that you'll love best.

We only run small groups on our New Zealand MTB tours. Small groups give us more time to focus our attention on you and your specific needs. For our standard tours, our maximum group size is 10 (unless we specifically note otherwise) for which we'll have two guides and can break away into two smaller groups of 5. You'll be with a similar ability and likeminded group, so this means more time riding and experiencing the other activities you want to.


We include necessary shuttles in your trip cost. If a shuttle is required to complete a trip, it's covered in your tour cost. We run optional extra shuttles which aren't core to the trip, ie Queenstown bike park, North Island heli biking, and we will discuss these on a case by case basis.

Trail fees & taxes

There is a legal requirement in New Zealand for all commercial trail users to pay a "concession" to ride on trails. Some companies will either ignore this & ride illegally, others will mention it during the tour and make you pay. With JustMTB, it's all included already so there are no nasty surprises. Trail fees & concessions are the money that goes back into maintaining the MTB trails & building new ones.

With our mountain bike tour packages, we've aimed to include everything we can - so you know that when visiting New Zealand, you can sit back relax and enjoy the world class trail riding. If you'd like more information on the benefits we provide or have any questions you'd like answering, please send us a message via our enquiry form.