What Are You Doing For New Years? We're Mountain Biking!

Every year the question is the same...where will YOU be for New Years? Maybe you can hazily remember last year, or even the year before. What about five years ago - unlikely.

We'd like to change that and create a New Years for you to remember, mountain biking in New Zealand. Over 7 or 12 days you'll ride our famous singletrack, from the backcountry adventures off the beaten track to gravity orientated shuttled enduro trails, and of course everything in between. There will be time to leave the bike behind too, and explore the serene beauty & unique cultures of New Zealand. Sounds pretty good right? Well read on to see where you'll be riding on this epic New Years mountain biking tour.

Riding out in the backcountry or wilderness is undoubtedly where a lot of New Zealand's hidden beauty lies. It requires the effort to get oneself there, and with all things in life, efforts are often greatly rewarded. You'll be heading out to explore the unique beauty of New Zealand on a number of iconic backcountry mountain biking rides. From African plains nestled into the base of snowcapped alpine mountains, to temperate rainforest and sweet ribbons of singletrack.

Welcome To New Zealand

Your first days in New Zealand will be spent exploring one of our favourite and serene wilderness trails. This singletrack safari will take you through the African-esque plains at the base of snowcapped mountains, through lush green meadows following a large winding river and finally down a sweet singletrack traverse. It's a little like our welcome package, getting you accustomed to the next 10 days.

A Change Of Scenery

We'll move west and into a totally different environment. Temperate rainforest covering endless remote rolling hills, from peaks to the ocean. A melting pot of magic, hiding epic ribbons of singletrack and rocky traverses across mountain sides, a strong gold mining history and some of the most unspoilt views in New Zealand.

New Zealand does singletrack traverses well. Not to steep, not too technical, flowing singletrack you'll get stoked riding at mach 4 after a big day in the mountains.

Oh and did we mention there's the chance to overnight in a mountain top hut? What could be better? Well we'll be up there on the 31st December celebrating the dawning of a new year. Pack your hip flasks, bottles of wine and sense of adventure, this is going to be a special New Years to remember. We have thought of everything, next to the hut is cell signal so you can Facetime, Facebook and Instagram your friends at home into some insane jealousy.

A Guest Favourite

Having seen in 2017, we'll head south and into the heart of New Zealand. In the iconic alpine passes that divide the country you'll find some of our best single day mountain biking in New Zealand. Traversing up into the rocky mountains, for those that dare there's the option to ride the scree traverses to meet up with the main trail. The ancient beech forest provides some great grippy trails, just as well because this place has some amazing corners. Delivering up some stunning views, amazing singletrack and great dinner spot, it's no wonder people want to ride this day over and over again.

A One Way Ticket To Paradise

The second half of the tour focuses on the southern part of South Island. Riding through a mix of alpine singletrack and flow trails, you'll be hard pressed to keep your eyes on the trail with views like this. The bluest lakes imaginable are surrounded by snowcapped mountains - it's like a child's drawing you can ride through.

In particular Queenstown is an area you'll have no doubt heard of due to the huge amounts of media attention and there's a good reason for that - the trails are magnificent! The beauty of a guided tour is that we know all the best locations to ride, away from the main trails filled with people. We'll head out and show you some of our favourites, from backcountry adventures, to epic descents from mountain tops, and even enduro shuttles for those tired legs.

Our New Year Alpine South Island tour will be running 29th December to 9 Jan. For more details, please contact us or visit our Alpine South MTB Tour page.