Accommodation Transport & Guiding On Our MTB Tours

When you travel for MTB Tours, there's already enough to worry about - catching your connection to the airport, bags being overweight and getting a window seat as only a starting point. We can't control these elements, but what we can control are the New Zealand elements of your holiday. From airport pickup to drop off a week or 12 days later, we believe in making things as easy as possible for you - thats why our New Zealand MTB tours are full packages & fully organised for you. The less stress you have in your life, the more you're going to enjoy riding, which is why you came here.


Rest is a vital part of performance, any athlete will tell you that. No one ever sleeps well in a large dormitory style room like some competitors provide. That's why we provide twin or double share rooms with a maximum of two occupants, so as you can rest and relax after a long days's ride. Our private houses provide all you need, a private sleeping & rest area, a communal lounge for socialising with friends, laundry services, and great views to enjoy.


We've tried to reduce time on the road so you have more time to ride, but as is the nature of an MTB tour, we will have to travel. When we do have to travel we'll do it in comfort in spacious and air conditioned vehicles. Bikes travel safe and secure in our covered trailer away from the elements and unwanted prying eyes. Custom built racks hold your mountain bikes in place and avoid damage or rubbing.

Small Group Sizes

We specialise in small groups on our guided mountain bike tours. Running smaller groups means we can focus more on each and every one of you, making sure you're having the great experience you deserve! Our maximum group size is 10, and we'll be running two guides for that providing us flexibility in of riding. You'll ride with a group who have similar abilities and are likeminded, so more time riding and experiencing the other activities you want to, whether that be exploring New Zealand's stunning scenery or immersing yourself in Maori culture.

If you'd like more information on the benefits we provide or have any questions you'd like answering, please send us a message via our enquiry form.