Essential Kit For Wilderness Mountain Bike Tours

We asked our MTB tour guide Stu to open us his bag of tricks & share his secrets, so you can see what exactly the guides carry on our mountain bike tours.

Not all mountain bike rides are equal. There's a wide range of variables unique to every ride, some we can control such as which trails we ride, some uncontrollable such as weather & mechanicals. The point is though, that as mountain bikers we should be prepared for unforeseen eventualities - whether we're for a hour sprint in our local woods, or an overnight trip.

During an Alpine South MTB tour last year we caught up with guide Stu to see what he carries on a day to day basis. It seems extensive for a day ride, everything has been carefully selected for a mix of practicality vs weight - a case in point is the Leatherman. Although it's weighty compared to some of the other tools, it ticks many boxes - pliers, knife, screwdrivers and most importantly bottle opener. Carrying the right kit is essential, especially if you're venturing far off the beaten tracks like our mountain bike tours do - so with the help of our guiding team we've complied a list below of what our guides carry on day trips to keep you safe.



Shock Pump


Multi-tool including chain breaker

Tyre Levers

Zip Ties

Tyre Boot




Park Tool Patches

Brake Pads

Mech Hanger

Chain Links

Chain Connector Links (Missing Link)

Gear Cable

Assortment Of Bolts

Chain Lube


Merino Base Layer

Waterproof Coat

Spare Gloves



First Aid

First Aid Kit

Sam Splint


Food & Water

3L Bladder

Trail snacks, ie Raw Almonds

It may seem a lot to carry on our mountain bike tours, but everything he has it's use, or according to Stu multiple uses. So when you're out on your next backcountry mission, it's worth packing a little extra just in case. For us carrying a few extra grams on the climbs is well worth it when you consider it could be saving you a night on the mountain side or a walk back to the car.