OutdoorsMark - JustMTB Safety Audit Certified

You've seen the logo on our website, but what does it mean? Read why our registration as an Adventure Activity Operator means better mountain biking tours for you

Running a mountain bike guiding company isn't as straightforward as you think. When you join us for an MTB tour and ride some of our world class singletrack, everything seems so simple easy and carefree - so why doesn't everyone run a mountain bike tour company? Well that may have to do with the level of time and commitment required to create these fun yet safe experiences. Take your safety on tour for example, we've worked hard to become audited, accredited and certified under OutdoorsMark to provide New Zealand mountain biking tours and adventures - in fact we're one of a very small handful of companies certified to guide multi day mountain bike tours in New Zealand. This is certainly something we're proud of and meets our company ethos of providing exceptional experiences, hence you'll see this logo on our website footer proving this accreditation.

What Is Outdoors Mark?

OutdoorsMark is a national outdoor safety audit programme designed by the New Zealand outdoors community for the New Zealand outdoors community.

One of OutdoorsMark's fundamental objectives is to give participants in adventure activities, and the public, the assurance that the management of the activities has been checked by an independent expert - an OutdoorsMark auditor.

They aim to:

  • Promote safe participation

  • Provide assurance that national outdoor safety standards for safety and professionalism are being met

  • Raise standards in the delivery of adventure activities

  • Reduce the risk of injuries and accidents

What Does It Mean?

JustMTB has a Safety Management System that has been audited and certified by OutdoorsMark against the Safety Audit Standard for Adventure Activities. This means as a company we're regularly audited on our safety systems and processes relating to mountain biking tours. To meet these strict guidelines, we've put in place a large number of measures that will keep you as a customer safer whilst riding you mountain bike with us on tour. This extensive list ranges from pre-ride briefings to making sure our guides are effectively qualified to guide you, allocated equipment to take on a ride to emergency evacuation scenarios. Designed into our everyday operations procedures, our Operations Manager and Guides are committed in adhering to these processes and live by the safety culture we've outlined as part of our auditing process.

How Does It Affect Me?

For you as a customer riding with us, this means we've taken significant steps to minimise the risk of accidents, whilst maximising your riding experience. We know you've come to New Zealand to ride our best mountain biking trails, but no one wants to go home early because of an avoidable accident, hence the measures we implement are there to make the experience a better one. For example, we have a minimum required level of kit that you must bring on rides dependent on locations, environmental conditions and the group.

We live by these whether guiding or riding for pleasure, and as you start to explore in more remote areas and push your own riding boundaries further, small bits of professional preparation can make a big difference - in fact we've had great feedback from customers after a tour who've taken various tips from our tours and included them into their own riding preparation and kits. The bottom line is that you can join one of our New Zealand Mountain Biking Tours safe in the knowledge that as an audited, accredited and certified company we're committed to you and your safety whilst with us.

If you'd like to know more about our safety on tour guidelines or have any questions related to this, please send us an email.