The Best Mountain Bike Trail In New Zealand?

After many weeks of guiding last summer, could we really have found the best of the mountain bike trails in New Zealand? The best bit? It's already included in our fantastic Alpine South Tours

We've recently asked a number riders on our Alpine South Mountain Bike Tours in 2015 & 16 about their tour experiences and to choose their favourite mountain bike tour trails. The responses came back, we poured them into the JustMTB analysis machine and studied the results carefully. Ok you got us, we don't have a big analysis machine, we went to the pub after a ride to discuss them with a beer. Regardless, the results point toward one trail that really ticked the boxes for our customers, which got us thinking, is it the best mountain bike trail in New Zealand?

A perfect blend of elements have come together to create a truly spectacular mountain biking experience; flowing singletrack, big views, a remote wilderness setting, native forests lining the trail and mountain top huts to allow overnight stops part way. Of course we're talking about the iconic Old Ghost Road. We've been guiding groups through on this spectacular trail for a while now and so far it has been a true crowd pleaser - the only close to negative feedback we've had is "does it ever end?" We're not sure if this was in reference to the hill we were climbing or the endless views of rolling mountains off to the left when this was mentioned.

A key part of the magic of this trail is riding it with a group - sharing the experience with others, whether they be lifelong friends or new friends you've me on tour. We've had a number of magical experiences with our mountain bike tour groups here recently, and want to share some of our favourite bits with you. Whether you're currently having a slow Monday morning at work or Saturday morning pre ride social media check in, the Old Ghost Road will get you inspired to ride.

Video Credit - West Coast Film

Packed up and ready for an overnight adventure in the wilderness. We took 9 lucky guests on a trip to remember up to stay in a clifftop hut. The pedal up through the rainforest provided a nice climb before breaking out of the trees and into the alpine, at elevation so high that trees refuse to grow. A quick and flowing ridge line singletrack descent popped out at the clifftop hut (panorama below), where guide Stu found a new use for the Camelbak bladder, as he transported a little surprise birthday wine up to the overnight spot.

Old Ghost Road on South island MTB Tours

Alpine South MTB Tour Old Ghost Road Aaron

Riding ridge lines in the alpine with Aaron - sweet singletrack and views for miles over remote backcountry. Is this what dreams are made of? Ours certainly are!

Both days of riding provide some great photo shots on this ever-changing trail. From the rainforest climb alive with songbirds to open scree traverses, flowing singletrack descents from the highest parts of the trail to bridging rivers and gorges, all before finishing with a well deserved beer in your bed for the night overlooking the dramatic West Coast.

With experience like this, it's no wonder the Old Ghost Road gets a big thumbs up from those who ride it. If you've been inspired and are keen to ride, get in touch and ask about signing up for an Alpine South MTB Tour.