A Place To Rest Your Head | Mountain Bike Tour Accommodation

We receive a handful of questions over and over again during the booking process for a mountain bike tour. One of the most popular is "what's your accommodation like?" Accommodation is after all an important part of your holiday, its more than a place to sleep, its your place to relax, socialise, and eat.

One thing we pride ourselves on is that our mountain bike tour accommodation has a unique twist. A little something special, something that will help you remember each and every place you stay on a tour. We've spent weeks and months handpicking & testing places that have some unique features, whether it be views, location, aesthetics or a mix of them all. What's important for us is to provide a relaxing environment to recuperate in before the next day's mountain bike adventures.

With views like this from the dining room and lake views from your bedroom, why would you want to leave?

What Will We Stay In?

Let me explain the concept behind our decision to utilise private houses. Firstly, a home is warm, welcoming and allows a mix of user flow and practical facilities. One huge benefit is the spaces that houses provide - communal lounges provide spaces where people can socialise and relax together, whether they're lifelong friends or met that week, yet be a matter of steps from their twin bedroom away from the rest of the group should they require.

Taking control of logistics is easier too, with laundry facilities in each location allowing the cleaning of muddy or sweaty kit on a daily basis, and avoiding the need to pack 12 sets of riding kit - something you'll really appreciate during the mountain bike tour. And with garages in most locations, bike maintenance can be continued way into the night (although we'll try and lure you to have some fun with a beer instead.)

The opportunity "eat at home" some nights is a god send - no dressing up for restaurants here! After a long days mountain bike ride, and maybe a beer or two, energy levels deplete to the point where going out for dinner is just too much effort. There's nothing better in that case than a heartily cooked barbecue and a few drinks on the deck to relax and prepare for the next day of riding.

After a long day riding, there's nothing like a home cooked BBQ by the lake!

Something Different

Sometimes, you really want something a little different. Something with a better than average view. It requires a little more effort to access than the rest of our accommodation, but the overnight hut trip option on Alpine South Mountain Bike Tours certainly does provide a memory or two. Perched on top of a gorge, you'll find a serene escape, no traffic noise, no light pollution and stunning views!