New Zealand MTB Trail Grading

We often get asked, how do you grade your New Zealand MTB trails? Will I be able to ride your trails? Are the trails more difficult than home? What riding level am I?

For us answering this is difficult as we don't ride with you week in week out. So instead we provide you the information on our trails and ask you to self assess. Below is intended as a guide only, and some pictorial references on what our different New Zealand MTB gradings look like.

Grade 3

Steep slopes, some avoidable obstacles on a mix of wide & narrower singletracks with poor traction in places

Grade 4

Narrow tracks, poor traction and difficult obstacles to avoid and jump over (ie rocks roots etc). May be some exposure on the tracks outside edge.

Grade 5

Narrow, technically challenging trails with potential exposure at the outside edge, sharp corners, drop offs and difficult obstacles.

The most important thing when grading yourself for our MTB tours is being conservative. Nothing will ruin your confidence more than riding a trail and coming across features you're not comfortable with or confident on. After all you're on our mountain bike holidays to have fun - you can always reassess yourself after day one/two etc with your guide to tailor more trails to your preferences.