Top 10: New Zealand Mountain Bike Tour Photos Taken By Our Guests

As a New Zealand mountain bike guide, I'm lucky enough to see some amazing locations first hand. Even though I've travelled the world and ridden in some of the world's MTB "meccas," I'm constantly amazed by the beauty and surprises this little country throws up. So a little treat for those of you who haven't been on a New Zealand mountain bike tour - some of my favourite pictures captured by our great guests on and off the bike this season.

Pedalling into the backcountry may be hard work, but the magical trails and serenity always make up for it. The Old Ghost Road is a great example of this, backcountry New Zealand mountain biking at it's finest.

There are some great overnight retreats in New Zealand. Tiny hunting cabins now opened up for mountain bike use allow us to explore like never before and take you to a whole heap of new and remote places. They may be small and certainly don't have wifi, but you'll be more than entertained talking mountain bike trails by an open fire or under a clear starry sky.

A little high mountain singletrack for your pleasure? Ok, how about 80km of this over two days? Hope you brought a spare memory card for your camera! The Old Ghost Road always provides epic rides on our mountain bike tours.

Days out in the mountains don't get much better than this. Sensational day riding with some of the Alpine South mountain bike tour this March. Arguably one of the best days out on the MTB in NZ?

We're not all about big long days out pedalling stunning backcountry singletrack. Sometimes a shuttle and a few laps of the bikepark provide just the buzz you need! One of our Native North MTB tours trains it down Four Forty Bike Park.

Iconic ridge line descents, miles and miles of uninhabited mountains and a slither of singletrack leading you to paradise - must be an Alpine South tour! The whole group were super stoked on this epic day out on one of the South Island's newest "nature trails," taking in some of the remotest singletrack in New Zealand, crossing rivers and enjoying a little local history littered on the trail.

Racing through the trees on one of many "best days riding ever" mountain biking in Rotorua! No one ever gets tired of shredding this looping rollercoaster of a trail, threading through the trees at speed on some of the tackiest soil you'll ever lay your rubber on.

Hands down one of our favourite rides of 2016 - overnight hut trip in the mountains. The 6am wake up was well worth it to take in a beauty of a sunrise, clouds floating up the valley and over our heads followed by a steamy coffee.

One of the few viewpoints tucked away in the Rotorua MTB forests. An epic evening lap on one of our recent Native North mountain bike tours - the view's pretty good, but it's the 4km of prime loamy singletrack leading to the lake that really seals the deal for our guests.

One of our most popular add ons for 2016 has been North Island heli biking. New Zealand treated the guys to a stunner - sunshine, endless views and snowcapped mountains in the distance and private singletrack. If you haven't been heli biking yet, put it on your bucket list!