Singletrack Mountain Biking In New Zealand

Come on a JustMTB tour, and you'll frequently hear us talk about singletrack. It's pretty much the holy grail of mountain biking in New Zealand - the flowing bits of trail that take you to magical places. We've been searching for years for the finest selection of singletrack in New Zealand to show you around - but I hear you ask, when I'm mountain biking in New Zealand, what does it look like?

Well our singletrack is often the width of a bike, or less - anywhere between 2.5 feet and 6 inches.

A typical narrow example in South Island

A typical intermediate wider trail whilst mountain biking in Rotorua

It's designed to go places - it's there for a reason, to take you from A to B via the best scenery. It makes sense to make the journey as fun as possible, hence singletrack in New Zealand can come in long flowy stretches traversing the mountains and ridges.

Flowing advanced singletrack found on our South Island MTB tours

On intermediate, advanced and expert singletracks, there can be exposure (ie a rolling bank) to the outer edge. This can differ between a small gently rolling bank a few feet long, or a more severe extended gradient making slips and mistakes more dangerous.

A flowing traverse bench cut into a hill side.

It'll have an array of features, from bermed corners to tree roots and rocks. Or a mix of all of them.

Rooty & native in North Island

Riders training a bermed corner in Auckland

Big rocks make a unique trail - South Island

Small rocks make a mountain biking trail more interesting! - South Island

But most of all, our New Zealand singletrack will leave you with a big grin etched on your face!