New Year, New MTB Tour

The guiding staff here at JustMTB have been frenetic with plenty of tour work to keep them busy. Tour work is fantastic, but living holiday week after holiday week, immersing yourself with the crowd does mean very limited time to do computer work, like putting together the blog. One really can't complain - but it seems we have a little catching up to do.

We ran our firstNew Zealand MTB tour of 2016 only a few days into the New Year. As seems to be a continuing theme, and through evenings pouring over weather maps we managed to ride 7/8 bone dry days. A pretty good result considering the inclement weather some other parts of the country were receiving. Our guides seem to continuously be on point with choosing trails to make the best of the weather conditions, and we were treated to plenty of golden sunshine!

The trails payed ball and treated us to minimal dust, and therefore maximum traction. Heading out into the backcountry is always rewarding. Not only does it yield the best mountain bike trails and some of the most enjoyable riding, but it also takes us to places that really are quite special. Tiny holes in the canopy gives an opportunity to rest and enjoy where in the world you are. Looking out over the Rotorua backcountry, over the culturally significant Maori Green Lake can you spot the house? No? No you can't, because there isn't one anywhere around here. Just miles or rolling hills, farmland and volcanoes.

I'm not going to lie, if you come on one of our MTB tours we do expect you to ride to your heart's content. Sometime one's eyes are bigger than one's stomach, and riding long days for 7 days in a row really tires people out. Between all the riding, the Maori cultural show, hotpools, and a few other treats we try to maximize your time in New Zealand, hence any chance to take a nap is gratefully appreciated, especially if it's sunny!

Celebrating in the golden sunshine of summer, what better way to finish a ride than singletrack to the sea, surprise beers and a swim!