Crankworx Rotorua

There are a handful of sports in the world where you genuinely face serious danger just to compete. Of the handful, very few of these can genuinely describe themselves as spectator sports – providing the sort of events where the general public can gather around a central location to watch first hand these sporting gladiators in combat. Crankworx Rotorua, and more precisely the slopestyle and big trick competitions welcome everyone from Joe public to hardcore mountain bike fans the opportunity to enjoy some of the worlds best rider showing why they get paid to do this.

Crankworx was born in Whistler back in the early 2000’s. Originally setup as a competition to unite mountain bikers in British Columbia, with a little help from mother nature cancelling a world cup DH event, a few key top name riders joined the event and so did the local media. With a few key personnel behind the scenes pushing for more, Crankworx spent the next thirteen years flourishing and growing into the event we know today, spread across three international locations.

Centered around Skyline Rotorua, the Southern Hemispheres first year round bikepark, Crankworx Rotorua proves an ideal location to hold such an event. With a huge slopestyle course that looks out over the picturesque geothermal lake, it's hard to imagine a better place to to sit with a beer after a days epic riding. The Slopestyle event is the jewel in the crown - likely the clips of Crankworx coverage you'll see in the media, modern day gladiators combining serious airtime with the sort of tricks more akin to the circus.

As well as the jaw dropping slopestyle, there's an array of other crowd pleasers - Speed & Style, Pump Track & Whip Off events always tick the boxes for attendees. Riders pushing the limits of gravity and corner speed to an incomprehensible level to everyday riders. Us mere mortals watching on as riders thrown down a cork 720, or a double front flip. It's well worth spending a few hours gaping at what is actually possible on a bike!

On top of the racier downhill and enduro events that have become a standard for the events, there is also a great trade fair for us "regular riders" to enjoy. Hundreds of tents, gazebos and shelters pop up for 5 days, all covering an array of sparkly new kit. From the latest in 2016/17 bikes, to prototype components, bags, kit & protection - it's all here. Plus, there's always the opportunity to demo the new bikes and kit in preparation to a purchase!

For 2016, JustMTB celebrating the return of the great festival, offering it as a unique tour option. Combined with some world class singletrack, a heli biking experience, and all the usual good times from a JustMTB tour, the question is can you afford to miss out on this?.