Pieces Of Paradise

Between a 9-5 (or more realistically 8-6) job, spending time with the kids and renovations on the house, you likely don’t get a lot of time to yourself. Time alone to unwind and switching off away from the stresses of life is important to a healthy life balance.

When putting together our mountian bike tours we always focus on the riding, however it’s vitally important to provide times to relax and unwind. We generally find that beautiful and serene locations help people find their inner calm, so here are a few of our favourite and serene locations you’ll spend some time enjoying on a Native North tour – we call them our Pieces Of Paradise.

Lunch Overlooking Lakes And Volcanoes

Unwind In The Thermal Pools

Hidden Sandy Beaches & Coves

Waterfalls Walks

Thermal Lakes Walkway

Coastal Walks

BBQs At Sunset Overlooking The Harbour