440 Mountain Bike Park - 440 Meters Of Fun

At JustMTB we're always stoked to see the beginning of summer, longer days, warmer weather, dry trails and of course our local mountain bike park Four Forty re-opens. After a winter in hibernation the current trails are lovingly pampered and re-shaped by the trail crew - and they always seem to have time to spoil us wth a few new additions. Located less than an hour from the centre of Auckland, it provides the perfect location to get our gravity fix weekend after weekend throughout the summer.

Close to the city, close to the sea, and with some of the best turns in New Zealand - what more could you need?

The brainchild of New Zealand mountain bikers Byron Scott and Aaron Tait, together they have spent the last 5 years sculpting Auckland’s first gravity mountain bike park. A dedicated shuttle service provides access to a 440m descent; you’ll get more vertical descent per run than a lap on Whistler Bikepark’s Fitzsimmons chairlift! Yes you heard correctly! The buses & custom built bike trailers carry both riders and bikes up to the top in comfort ready for another grin inducing run. And with a multiple shuttle vehicles operating at peak times, you’ll be able to shred lap after lap until you can ride no more.

Custom built bike racks transport your bike safely and without dreaded scratches

Styled as an “enduro mountain bike park,” Four Forty has been designed to benefit riders of trending 5-6inch/150mm travel bikes. Cleverly built features and sections of trail rewarding finesse and technique provide riders of shorter travel bikes the opportunity to gain maximum speed and grins from the rollers, jumps and tight bermed turns.

Fast, fun bermed turns, one after another, after another, after another. If repetition is learning...

In the park you'll find a mix of fun flowy singletrack, jump styled trails and even a regional downhill track. But it’s not only for the experienced rider – the park has a number of top to bottom green and blue trails which are great for intermediate riders and provide some of the park's best riding for more advanced riders. Tight berms, wall rides, tabletops and cheeky bunnyhop lines provide challenge and stoke for even world cup riders!

It may be an intermediate trail, but it's one of the best to train down with your mates

The trails cater for all ages and abilties. Callum aged 8 loves ripping turns here

For those more experienced riders looking for something a little harder, there are a number of new black trails popping up. Regional downhill track, the Ruapehu Downhill, and new jump trail Chinese Laundry provide a challenge to even the best riders. With a mix of big jump and technical features, you’ll be doing well to get a clean run first, second, or even third time down.

Rachael about to pound out a lap of Ruapehu DH

Rolling into November, the park is dry and running fantastically. We're super excited to be spending the next 8 months of weekends riding the world class trails - and we can't wait to show them to you too!

A big thanks to 440 Mountain Bike Park for letting us join in the fun this opening weekend. For more information on the park, prices and opening times, check out http://www.fourfortymtbpark.co.nz/

Driving home through twilight after another perfect day at Four Forty!