Making Dreams Into Reality

When the spark for an adventure ignites, all real world cares seem to go out of the window. Sucked into the dream, the goal bubbles and grows as the dreamer comprehends that this could become a reality.

Once the destination is decided upon, real world considerations kick back in – how do I get from the airport to my accommodation, how do I get to the attractions once there, and which ones should I even visit? Unless you fancy spending the next few weeks trawling the internet for answers, this is where a fully supported tour is worth every cent, and something JustMTB specializes in.

We'll show you all our secret locations and favourite place

JustMTB create dream holidays mountain biking in the wilderness terrains of New Zealand. More than just a guiding company, they build the whole holiday for you, from transport to accommodation, guiding to meals, shuttles to beers in the hotpools. Zero logistics for you, pick your tour, pick your timeframe and pay your fee – it’s as easy as that. You won’t spend your trip driving around taking wrong turns and staring at maps looking confused, instead you can spend it mountain biking in the sun and sitting on mountain tops with a refreshment.

Many companies exist that put together cheaper package tours, but what if you want to create your very own holiday? Pick and choose the activities that you do and when you do them? This is a feature that JustMTB prides themselves on – providing flexibility to include everything on your trip of a lifetime to New Zealand. Working with your bucket list as a guide, their logistics manager will try to cram as many memorable experiences into your mountain bike tour of New Zealand. They’ll go the extra mile too, organizing the times, dates and payment of extra activities so you don’t even need to lift a finger.

Secluded natural thermal hotpools, one of our favourite local spots after a ride

Travelling alone can provide prohibitive costs to getting involved in serious adventures, as well as the danger of riding in the wilderness alone. JustMTB provide their mountain bike tours for singles, partners and also groups – all tailored to create your unique experience. With qualified and experienced guides, you’ll be safe in every environment your tyres touch.

So why not visit JustMTB next time you’re considering mountain biking in New Zealand and take a stress free trip to paradise.