Chasing Winter Trails - Trip Diary

Every set of events yields an opportunity. Whereas opportunities and their outcomes may differ immensely, the reward is in the risk that we take. Seizing an opportunity and leaving the heat of northern hempishere summer for a mountain bike tour of New Zealand in mid winter may boggle the minds of some people, but those lucky few that take the chance are rewarded with some of the best experiences.

Quiet trails, short shuttle queues and tacky trails create some amazing riding experience. A father and daughter, Roland & Robin came to experience the magic of New Zealand's winter riding for them on a 4 day whistle stop tour of North Island.

Father and daughter stoked on some quality trails. Sunshine, birdsong, blue lakes and tacky singletrack – does it really get any better than this? Yes, a picnic and ice cream at the beach!

On a mid winter trip, you’d think raincoats and weather maps should be the order of the day. We were treated to some amazing New Zealand weather – warm sun and brilliant blue skies saw us riding just t-shirts and shorts at times, and taking picnics on the lake beach!

Dappled lighting in the giant ferns. These ferns just come alive with some patchy sun, adorning the sides of the trails like a giant markers letting the team know they’re on track. Sometimes it’s a job in itself to keep your eyes on the trail when there’s so much going on off it.

Robin laughed in the face of the stump challenge. Despite its daunting drop from the top, mental strength is key to the success of climbing onto the king seat that yields a great view from the top as ever!

Around every corner there is a view. Carving through 15metere high Ponga trees in the dark forest, the trail teases you with a view of the lake and some bright white light before diving back into the forest and requiring a readjust on the eyes.

And at the top of every hill it is mandatory to stop and enjoy the view.

Our tours aren’t all about riding bikes though, there’s still plenty of time to relax and explore, whether it be natural thermal hot pools, exploring the rich volcanic and geothermal landscape or walks through old gold mining gorges, there’s something for everyone.

Here's to a great tour...see you next year!