New Zealand off the bike

The word holiday means different things to different people. For example, millions of people every year head to the beaches to lie around like beached sea inhabitants. Others go to exotic places to watch animals, and some head to foreign cities to look at buildings. At JustMTB we like to make holidays a little different - we take the idea of a mountain bike holiday in two literal parts. Mountain bike. and Holiday. Looking proportionally at the phrase "mountain bike holiday," you can see that "mountain bike" accounts for roughly 66% and "holiday" 33%. And this is how we've decided to design our holidays. Yes of course we'll go out and ride until you hurt all over and can't stop grinning, that goes without saying (but even you know deep down you won't be riding 24 hours a day.) Designating it as "recovery time," we've decided not to waste this time and instead use it as opportunity to show you some of New Zealand's best bits when off the bike.

Take some time to enjoy a quality glass of wine sitting in the sun talking trails, watching the world go by. New Zealand is renowned as one of the worlds best wine makers, but what makes them so good? Is it the soil they're grown in, the climate of this little paradise, or the grapes used? Or the places they're consumed? All we know is that we can't find a better way to spend an recovery afternoon than with some wine tasting & an antipasto platter!

New Zealand lifestyle is all about the outdoors, and what better outdoors to utilise than the beach and sea? When the mercury is high and the sweat pores working overtime, we'll be heading straight to the beach post ride for some post ride recuperation. Swim in the pristine water, followed by a beer and BBQ - way to end a ride! Or take a few minutes and jump on the paddleboard to explore the caves and unique shoreline. Don't worry about bringing your perimeter fence to mark your section - we'll be surprised if you can throw a beer bottle as far as the next person on the beach!

And if relaxing isn't your thing, and you're that person who must always be on the go, we'll make you walk to the beach instead. Its a lot better than it sounds, and yields some more spectacular views, as well as even quieter beaches. Beautiful white sand beaches mix into the deep blue sea, for miles. Fancy going to a beach where you won't see a single other person, yup we can do that too!

If history & culture is more your thing, lucky you - we've got lots of it. From learning about the Maori's ancient beliefs, to the way they shaped the land and the country that we now know as New Zealand. Take a trip to the thermal hot springs, a sacred ritual area for the Maoris to marvel at the geysers and hot pools. The steam, the smell, the colours created by the minerals are mindld blowing, its one you have to do when in New Zealand.

Have you packed in enough into your day? If yes, then we'll proceed to have a drink, watch the sunset, and discuss life. Apologies if your "recovery time" didn't involve any sitting down.