10 Useful Tips (Part 2)

Part two of our 10 useful tips blog, aiming to save you time and money that could be spent on your bike & your next riding trip.

#6 Use a nail brush to clean your chain

Available worldwide at your local supermarket, or just borrow the one from the bathroom. Works well combined with your homemade citrus cleaner. No excuse to ever have a dirty drivetrain again.

#7 Keep your brake pads together

Cut a slither of old inner tube, and wrap around brakepads to keep them as a pair in your spares box or riding bag.

#8 Tape your pump

Tape has so many uses out on the trail, from reattaching bike parts, to ghetto first aid. Wrap some round your pump and you’ll never be able to forget it. This has proved exceptionally useful to fix issues when guiding the backcountry trails on Alpine South tours.

#9 Use an old food tray as a small parts tray

Next time you take your bike to bits, try putting all your bolts/brakepads/small components in a small food tray (here we use those from a quiche.) Keeps everything together and easy to relocate when the garage is needed for something else. Optional extra – if you want to go El Posh, drop in to your local DIY store and pick up a magnetic sheet. Place this in the bottom of the tray and suddenly it’s a magnetic parts tray! Free, easy and you’re saving the planet.

#10 Take sunscreen with you, everywhere

Hunt the bathroom for some of those tiny shampoo bottles from hotels, or anything that’ll hold 25-50ml. Clean it out thoroughly, and fill with suncream. Small and light enough to leave in your riding bag, but massively outweighed by its uses.