10 Useful Tips (Part 1)

Whether you’re saving up for your next holiday, or trying to travel on a buget, we’ll show you a few tips and tricks to use easy to come by everyday items to make life with a bike a little cheaper and easier.

#1 Waterproof your phone

How many of you have been on a ride that starts sunny, but part way out encounter some unsuspecting precipitation? Instead, pop your phone in a ziplock bag – it’ll keep the rain out, it’ll keep the mud and grit out, and best of all you can still use the phone whilst in the bag.

#2 Chain links under your top cap

Never worry about leaving your chain links in “the other riding bag.” Always with you, light and enduro specific.

#3 Keep your bladder in the freezer

Between rides, empty your bladder, dry and pop it in the freezer. It will eliminate most mould and bacteria growing in it and will be in serviceable condition much longer!

#4 Mark your bar position

Next time you fly with your bike, service your bike, or just need to remove the bars, try this tip. A little masking tape wrapped flush and parallel to the stem clamp, and a black marker to put a line where the clamp meets. Makes putting your bars back on quick easy and foolproof. Many possibilities of how this could be used in a biking world…

#5 Make your own chain cleaner

Save yourself money and make your own chain cleaner. Take a spray bottle, some dishwashing liquid and a lime/lemon/grapefruit. Pop about 1cm height of washing up liquid, the juice of a lemon/lime grapefruit (you may need two lemons or limes of they are small) and add to the bottle. Finally fill with water and hey presto, homemade citrus cleaner. It’ll take most of the grime and rubbish off your drive train, and if really needed grab an old ice cream tub and soak your chain in some! Try not to get it on any seals , or if you do, make sure you wash it off well.

Part 2 coming soon...