Air New Zealand

All the way back in 1642, when the world was still flat and sailors were still in great fear of sailing off the edge Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman visited New Zealand for a holiday. Unfortunately on the trip over his fully steel mtb had become a touch rusty in all the sea air after a couple of months sailing from the Netherlands, so he never got to ride the meccas of Rotorua, Nelson and Queenstown. Over the years a few more sailors “holidayed” to New Zealand, but MTBing never really took off, one can only assume they didn’t take a guide so missed out on the best bits of riding here!

Fast forward to the early 1960s, a certain Air New Zealand started providing flights from USA the NZ (and back if you wanted) allowing you to travel in comfort, speed and style, unlike Abel Tasman. Nowadays, Air New Zealand flies daily from Los Angeles, San Franciso and Vancouver direct to Auckland, allowing you to take your bike for free if in permitted allowance, otherwise at the prepaid baggage rate, from $75USD.

Of course for our antipodean friends in Australia, Air New Zealand flies direct from Auckland and Christchurch to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, with connections to seemingly nearly every place in Australia from there.

Air New Zealand regularly has 24hour flash sales and flight promotions, so it’s well worth signing up to the newsletter on their website.

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