Packing your bike for flying - Biknd Bike Bags

For years now I’ve been a protagonist for packing bikes into a cardboard box for travel. I love the ease of sourcing a cardboard box, the cost, the feeling of simplicity, and the element of recycling. To be honest I’ve always found it hard to part with any cash for a “proper” bike bag when my trusty cardboard box has been such a good travelling companion.

Enter the Biknd Jetpack – the game changer. I’ve not used a padded bike bag for 8 years now, and how it seems the market has evolved. Including time reading the instructions (yes not a male trait at all I know) it took a total of 10 minutes to pack the bike into the bag! It’s not just packing time and simplicity that is a real winner here but overall protection. The bag is so well thought out, from the inflatable padded wheel dividers, to the Maxle fasteners securing the frame to the rigid bag base. It may come with a hefty price tag, but the time and hassle it saves you when coming to pack your bike for a trip, and the guarantee that you won’t spend the first day of your holiday in the local bike shop scouting for a mech hanger is worth it.

Take your Biknd Jetpack bike bag, and add one Kona Process.

Get the pedals and wheels off & brake spacers in. The wheels go into these inflatable wheel protector slots-located underneath the wheel as you look at it. Make sure you deflate the tyre slightly (some airlines require you to, but it also helps to minimise the space taken up if you’re running big volume tyres)

Get your top tube padded protector on and attach the bars via Velcro straps stitched onto it.

The frame is held in place by these axle fasteners. The front slides along the black bar in the background, meaning it can take any almost any length bike, from XS to XL.

The back end is held in place with another axle fastening. The rear axle fastener can be raised or lowered as needed by removing two pins and sliding up or down the black framing. Using the spacers provided, it takes almost every axle sizes and dropout widths, 9-10/15/20mm x 100mm fronts, and 9-10/10/12mm x 130/135/142/150mm rear.

Packed into the Maxle dropout slots and ready to fly! The dropout slots are moveable, so dependent on whether you’re taking the xc bike, enduro bike or DH bike, this bag will work for you.

Big thanks to Biknd for the use of their Jetpack bike bag this year. It’s certainly made our travels a whole lot less stressful when flying with a bike!