Features Rotorua MTB & Lake Taupo Singletrack

"We challenge you to find a destination with such riding diversity, dramatic scenery and unique culture" 

From native bush thousands of years old, to volcanic terrain and active geothermal areas, mountain biking inNorth Island encapsulates a secret and hidden world.  Labyrinths of single-track spread across the island like a spider web, revealing the secrets of this ancient place. 

Utilising two central locations, each days mountain biking will be tailored to your riding style and the weather, meaning you’ll get the most from your stay.  Starting with the scenic trails and secluded backcountry of volcanic Taupo, we work north riding the ancient cultural forests of Rotorua and on to the beautiful and serene coastal Coromandel.

Stunning views, backcountry huts, Heli drops, boat drops, swing bridges and of course single track heaven.  Everyday will have you begging for more.


“Native North Island” is a more than just a mountain biking holiday; it’s THE way to Discover New Zealand.