Chasing Singletrack Adventures In The Alpine Mountains

A single island that plays home to many vast and differing landscapes. New Zealand is often described as though someone has taken the best of the rest of the world's elements and condensed them into one small island - deep fjords, temperate rainforest, snowcapped mountain ranges, African-esque plains & stunning coastlines. You literally couldn't dream up a more picturesque location. 

Climbing mountain passes with views over snowcapped peaks, descending down to the arid planes and traversing the blue rivers & lakes. Welcome to quintessential New Zealand mountain biking where you'll experience everything in a day, and more. 

Old Ghost Road

A short journey North sees the landscape change dramatically. Gone are the snowcapped mountain ranges, replaced with remote temperate rainforest, ridge-line descents & endless views.


Quickly becoming a New Zealand classic, the Old Ghost Road seems to have it all; ribbons of stunning singletrack, technical ridge-lines, big views and the opportunity to turn the ride into a real adventure staying in one of the overnight huts.

After waking up on a mountain top, there's no better way to start the day than a ribbon of singletrack threading down a ridgeline. Even the best coffee doesn't come close.

Traveling between mountain biking locations you pass many great hidden spots. From the giant limestone boulders to the pancake-like rocks and the glacial underground stream - a little local knowledge really helps to discover some of the sights of New Zealand.

Central South Island

In the heart of South Island is some of the most underrated and under ridden MTB trails. Taking you high into the mountains the trail crosses scree slopes, threads along a mountainside then flows through beech forest and spits you out on the grassy plains at the valley bottom. Possibly the best ride in New Zealand? It certainly gets glowing feedback from everyone who rides there.


Welcome to the bottom half of the South Island and something completely different. With a total lack of trees, the rolling mountain ranges have a distinct feel to them, a little like being on the moon. For miles around all that you see is mountains & valleys - a true adventure taking in open rocky descents, flowing singletrack, stream crossings & locally brewed beer.


It's not just the riding that's stunning in New Zealand, the scenery is damn good too. Insanely blue glacially fed lakes with snowcapped alpine peaks on the other side - it's a bit like an image from a child's colouring book, but we assure you that this is so very real.

Queenstown MTB

The final "must do" on any South Island mountain bike tour is Queenstown. In recent years it's become busier and busier with riders and tourists alike, a little local knowledge helps to unlock the local secrets and the great riding not so far out of town.

With such variety in riding on offer, often it's hard to know where to start. Do you choose a day in the bike park carving berms and table tops, shuttled enduro trails threading down hillsides at warp speed, backcountry singletrack rides to the crystal clear lake or 10km singletrack descents starting above the cloud and dropping to the valley floor? Luckily on our South Island mountain bike trips, you don't have to choose, you get to do it all.


Proof a little local expertise goes a long way.