A Singletrack Adventure Through Jurassic Forests & Volcanic Plateaus

Sitting in the bottom corner of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a timeless paradise. The North Island in particular with its Jurassic rainforests, volcanic plateaus and geothermal landscapes provides a secret and hidden world covered by a labyrinth of world-class singletrack.


Welcome to one of the world's best kept

secrets; mountain biking in the North Island of New Zealand.

The landscape of the island is extremely varied. Where one day you may find yourself riding through towering ferns, the next you may be riding next to crystal clear lakes & stunning coastline, the next in ancient Jurassic forests and the next you may find yourself riding across a volcanic plateau.

Rotorua MTB Trails

It wouldn't be a trip to North Island without time spent riding the Rotorua mountain bike trails. Having achieved world fame with the likes of Crankworx & the Enduro World Series, these events only really scratch the surface.


With well over 200km of trail in an area only 56 square kilometres, describing Rotorua as a mecca for mountain biking would be totally bang on! Dominated by giant ferns and epic singletrack that'll suit everyone from beginner to pro enduro racer, it's no wonder it's become New Zealand's must ride spot.


You'll want to take an experienced guide though, it's a pretty crazy labyrinth of trails to get lost in!

Taupo MTB

Rotorua's little brother Taupo is only a short journey away, but shows an extraordinarily different experience - gone are the magnificent rainforests, replaced by crystal clear lakes and volcanic plateaus. If you've ever wondered where "flowing singletrack" came from, clearly you haven't ridden in Taupo. Home to some of New Zealand's smoothest and flowing mountain bike trails, it's easy to get carried away and clock up a lot of kilometres here. With a crystal clear lake and snowcapped mountains it's a great location to relax after a big ride, enjoying a swim & a beer.

Backcountry MTB

 Rotorua & Taupo have some amazing mountain biking singletrack, but just outside of both these locations lie some trails that will absolutely mesmerise you. A little harder to get to without a little expert help, the effort is truly worth the reward. If we could only pick 5 trails mountain biking in North Island, these would dominate the top 3!


We call them our local secrets.

Singletrack flowing like a ribbon through native bush, ancient forest and giant ferns. Call it what you will; backcountry riding, wilderness trails, adventure mountain biking or riding off the beaten track. It ticks the boxes for everyone who rides it - all our customers leave with giant grins in total awe of what they've just experienced.


Utilising a helicopter opens up a whole realm of new opportunities for where riding can take us. Remote mountain sides await surrounded by 360 views; pristine ancient forest, valleys filled with wildlife & snowcapped volcanoes. The start point for an amazing & unique trail experience.

With all this riding to be covered in just 8 days, we find some time for relaxing and exploring New Zealand style - there's no better way to start than beers in the natural thermal hot pools!


There's a whole heap of things do in "recovery time," and it's totally up to you choose a balance between relaxing & exploring. So whether you want to relax and swim in the hot pools, or crystal clear lakes with a beer, or explore New Zealand's unique Maori culture, geothermal landscapes & mud pools, get a thrill jet boating or bungy jumping, or soak up the beautiful coastlines - it's up to you.